Love Unfeigned -- DVD

In February 1915, Willard Bean and his new wife Rebecca reported to the office of the First Presidency in Salt Lake City, Utah, and were set apart by the prophet Joseph F. Smith, to serve a mission in Palmyra for “five years or longer.”

In that blessing, they were warned that they would find Palmyra the most prejudiced place in the world. President Smith said, “Willard, knowing you and your missionary work and your fighting spirit, I’m sure you are the right man to send.” -- Their mission lasted nearly 25 years.

3 videos on one DVD

Biographical Sketch: Willard Washington Bean – run time 17 minutes

Biographical Sketch: Rebecca Rosetta Peterson – run time 26 minutes

Love Unfeigned (The story of the Beans' mission and how things have changed in Palmyra in the past 100 years)– run time 60 minutes

Produced in 2015 for the 100th anniversary of Willard and Rebecca's mission call.

Watch a short trailer for the documentary "Love Unfeigned" --

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